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Wendy York

August 21, 2019

Love this store 😊. We have had a relationship with the Miller family for many years as friends as well as jewelers. So not only is it like visiting family to make a trip there, but they also have beautiful pieces! Many unique and lovely styles that are constantly updated. Always fun to see what’s new!

Leroy McKenzie

July 16, 2019

Wonderful experience. Very friendly and professional service. The repairs on my gold ring restored it to like new condition. Thanks Leighton’s.

Kaai de Lara

May 21, 2019

I highly recommend Leighton’s for your jewelry needs! I have had quite a few pieces sized and repaired there. They are quick do a great job and they aren’t as expensive as other places I’ve gone to and they do better work! I had one small problem on a repair which wasn’t really their fault but they fixed it quickly at no cost and were very nice about it! Some jewelry stores can be snobby if they think you can’t afford to shop there but not Leighton’s every time I’ve been there they’ve been welcoming, kind and helpful! 😀

Stephanie Isenberg

June 24, 2019

My family has shopped at Leighton’s for 30+ years. They are trustworthy, reliable, and awesome to do business with! You will not be disappointed.

Jenny Ringrose

March 25, 2019

Leighton’s is a wonderful jewelry store staffed by caring and sincere people. I’ve had multiple repairs and cleaning done and bought gifts from all price ranges for myself, friends and family members. I have complete trust and respect for their knowledge of jewelry and jewelry fashion. Justine and Cheryl - thank you for your help, always❤️